Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is a fun and exciting new way to practice many yoga poses suspended off the floor.  It gives you an incredible full body workout, challenging your core....but you are having too much fun to notice!  Regular yoga inversions offer many benefits but not without risk.  For example, a traditional headstand is very challenging for most students and places a lot of compressive stress into the cervical vertebrae in your neck.  Get yourself inverted into an aerial headstand and there is no compressive stress into the neck; instead there is tensile (stretching) stress as the weight of your head gently pulls on your cervical vertebrae, temporarily creating a tiny bit of space between each vertebrae and benefiting the connective tissue that wraps around your spine.  We spend almost half of our lives either sitting or standing, with the weight of our body and gravity pulling downwards, compressing our vertebrae and stressing our bones, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue in one direction; down.  When we get into our aerial hammocks and start to practice off the ground and upside down, we reap many benefits including decompressing the spine and stressing all body tissue in the unexpected other direction; upside down.  75 minutes at room temperature.

Limited number of aerial hammocks in our studio.  To ensure that you reserve a hammock for class: Pre-register your spot here!  Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class start so that we can adjust your hammock for you and start on time.

Would you like to arrange a fun private aerial group class for you and your friends?  Contact us for dates-time availability.  

Planning a Birthday party for your little one?  Contact us for a fun, playful and safe event, complete with party room for your birthday treats.  A great new party option for your 7-13 year old and friends!

Family Aerial Yoga  (suspended for summer break.  Back in the Fall)

Every Tuesday evening, from 6:00 - 7: 15 pm, we offer a Family Aerial Yoga practice.

Bring your kids with you, ages 5 and up, for a playful and challenging 75 minute family practice.

You will be surprised at how natural kids are in the silk hammocks, especially if they enjoy playgrounds, swings and hanging upside down on monkey bars!

Parents, this is a beginner-friendly practice, no previous yoga experience is required.

If you want to register yourself and your child for a Tuesday practice, please create accounts here for both of you.  Don't use the same email address for both you and your child's account...use one of your other email addresses.  You can purchase Parent & Child pass ($34 + GST) or share passes you may already have, with your child.

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