YOGA in the heart of bowness

130 Bowness Centre NW, Calgary, AB, T3B 5M5

We are located next to the Royal Canadian Legion.  If you are a long time Bownesian, you might remember where the Bowness Post office used to be....we are in that building.  Lots of free parking in front of our building.  During the weekdays, the building is used by another company, but we have secured the use of a 1,054 sq foot studio space, for the evenings and weekends.

During the summer we keep the studio air conditioned to a constant 24 degrees.  In the fall, winter and spring we maintain a comfortable 25-26 degrees.

The studio space has 6 daylight tubes, bringing the sun's natural light into our space...Solar lighting!  The electricity that we use comes from renewable sources, like from wind farms in southern Alberta.  When we do need some light it comes from our 6 Himalayan Salt lamps.  Our studio has been designed to be one of the quietest studios you will ever experience.  Sometimes teachers might share their favourite music or perhaps play a song on guitar or ukulele, other times you might enjoy complete silence.

Bolsters, blocks, straps and rental mats available. 

Offering many different yoga practices in the heart of Bowness, we hope to help guide you towards a new awareness and unity of your body, mind and spirit.  We also hope that you’ll gain the knowledge and the ability to safely discover your full potential and optimize your health and well-being.  

Namaste, friends. 

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